Welcome to Helvidius, a Pachyderm. For those of you who found this site via google, here is a list of common searches and where to find what you are looking for:

That which I really can’t help you with:

  • dress-up as spies – unless you’re looking for Valerie Plame
  • vegan egg drop
  • cell phone microculture

For your amusement, a round-up of the stranger search terms: here, here, here, here, and here.

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  1. Where are you? I can’t find any posts.

  2. Technical difficulties.

  3. I thought maybe PP bound and gagged you.

  4. Woo-Hoo! Free Republic! By any chance are you a FReeper – I am…

  5. A sometimes FReeper. :)

  6. I got here via your comment at Volokh. In fact, although Greek rough breathing often corresponds with Latin s, they are both reflecting PIE s. The rough breathing mark, invented by Aristophanes of Byzantium, is a lunate sigma itself (I think).

  7. Dave R.,

    Thank you for that! Good stuff to know. :) (I moseyed back over to that Volokh thread and saw that it had turned into a train wreck. As I don’t have any marshmallows to roast over the flames, I’ll stay away.)

    Hope you had fun poking around my site. :)

  8. Got your comment; thanks for checking in. We’d discussed my being single. Nothing happened on that front at my reunion, but I’ve become involved with someone from my old neighborhood (I didn’t know her from the old neighborhood, but we were in the same place during the same years.)

  9. I find your coffee/chocolate/wine/fruit diet interesting. Seems you are just hitting the superfoods…which give you lots of nutrition, with less digestive bulk… and help with the mind. How is that working for you? I’m actually sorta headed in this direction myself…Well… just increasing the amt of wine, tea… although i do vaporize tobacco and green if i have any… i find that i just feel better, have more energy to do/exercise… and eat less food…so i look better. Neways, just thought that was neat. I saw your comment on the Volokh Conspiracy page somewhere.

  10. David – it’s very tasty. :) I highly recommend it.

    Eat more dark chocolate and try pairing it with fruits (if you like that taste combination), such as any berry, orange, or mango. (Yum.) Dessert then counts as health food. :)

  11. Sounds good. The only problem I have with caffeine is that I find it makes me anxious/irritable… its sorta on a subconscious level but I guess I’m conscious of it. I’m not sure if this just applies to green tea, but I feel like it applies to caffeine in general. Maybe I’m just unlucky. I’m a nutrition/health nut so I’m just interested. I think I’m just sensitive to caffeine. What are your thoughts, any? Do you have issues with sleep? I read this website that said chocolate doesn’t have caffeine, but I’m just not sure.

    I’m an insomniac, but I don’t really drink much caffeine – coffee in the a.m. makes it harder for me to go to sleep. This all goes out the window during finals time, when I eat coffee and not much else. ~theo

  12. Have you ever tried tobacco tea? Its really good. A bit of tobacco and brew it up like any herbal tea. Very grounding. I sorta stumbled on it by experimentation but I guess it used to be common. I think maybe with my constitution it might work better for me than caffeine, but still similar effect.

    Nope. I’ve heard of it, though, but have never felt the desire to try it. ~theo

  13. Hi, theo,
    I just left a response to your comment on Volokh Conspiracy from a few days ago, to wit:

    Thank you – I saw it there. No need to reproduce it here.

  14. Hey, you are still using this. Neat to know.

  15. Hi theo! I keep seeing your comments on volokh.com and I’ve just now read some of your other posts on this site. I have just one question for you. Will you marry me? :)

  16. “Some”???? If by “some,” you mean “50 or so,” that sounds about right. (Yes, I stalk my stalkers. Makes everything all fair and orderly.)

    Ladies always decline the first proposal.

  17. “Ladies”!? I thought you were a guy! I mean…um…just kidding…

    Sorry about the “50 or so”. That may have been me skimming through for the posts with more substantial content. I’ve been trying to compile a list of the best right-leaning blogs by category for another web project I’m working on. For “legal” blogs I started with Volokh and came across yours.

    I was impressed by some of your comments. I wish more people knew how to think logically while expressing themselves creatively and effectively. We especially need more of them on the right side of the political spectrum where people are often good at the logic part but not so good at the effective communication part.

    In my attempt at a compliment I was trying to be funny, not stalkery. Oh well… Humor Attempt Fail!

    Any chance you will go back to actively posting again in the near future? (We can talk about marriage later.)

  18. Babe, if you’re looking for “substantial content,” Helvidius, a Pachyderm was never the place to be. ;)

    I was teasing about the stalker part – the failure at humour was on my side. Mea culpa.

    As for blogging: I gave it up for Lent. Or post-law school. Or something. Enjoyable while it lasted, but I’m no longer blogging (or blawging, or food-blogging, or the like).

    As for law-leaning websites on the right, I’ll recommend either Stubborn Facts or Patterico’s Pontifications (two of my favourites).

  19. I too got here via your Volokh posts– and you need to marry me!

  20. Likely as not unrelated to anything said above..but…

    Found your site from Volokh Conspiracy thread on the good Proffy Obama.

    My oh my. What a place over there.

    Your site looks safer to me..

    (I will not be asking you to marry me. I’m sure you’re great, buy I’m taken)




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