Posted by: bridget | 29 June 2006

Musings from D.C.

Yes, D.C.. The transportation issue in the District is really sub-par at best.

Last night, my Volvo got egged. If anyone knows of ways to get egg residue off a car without wrecking the paint, please let me know. Also, if you have any materials to touch up the paint, drop a line as well. My lovely Swedish car has concentric cracks on the driver’s side door at Ground Zero after L’atttaq d’oeuf. It may be another trip to Scandinavian Auto for me, if they do body work. (SA, by the way, is kind enough to drop off and pick up at the Metro, instead of letting one fend for herself.)

So I found out today that mere water is entirely unsatisfactory for egg removal. ACK! Emergency trip home to further de-egg the Volvo. I took the bus. 2 miles, over 30 minutes = roughly, at best, 4 mph. Caesar’s troops marched at an average of 5 mph and carried about 70 lbs of armour. So, in 2000 years, the WMATA has managed to… decrease travel speed by 1 mph. (Let it be noted, however, that most armies moved at approximately 2 mph. So WMATA has, for the record, made small improvements since ancient times.)

Edit: in light of the many google hits to this site from various permutations of “egg removal off car,” this post will offer some helpful hints to anyone whose automobile is covered in translucent slime.  Water alone is not sufficient.  Soap and water, however, will remove the egg, so long as you wash it off almost immediately.  Normal dish soap can dull the paint (although dull paint is preferable to no paint); use alternatives, if possible.   If the egg cracked the paint (look up close; eggs will leave concentric cracks), you can get a mechanic to re-paint that section for about $100.

Transportation rant aside, there will be musings about affirmative action, the ABA, and voting rights…. and the utter lack of good ice cream in the District. Really, what does a girl have to do for a decent frappe?


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