Posted by: bridget | 6 July 2006

News from Medford

The school on the Hill is adding another component to its application: creative essays designed to show which students have creativity or ingenuity that the SAT does not measure. Theory: use psychology research to design questions and analyse answers; admit students who are exceptionally promising; track those students to see if the new essays are better indicators of collegiate (and lifelong) success than the traditional GPA/SAT/extracurricular activities analysis.

Yay for the Jumbos for trying something new. Perhaps the same thing could be accomplished by re-vamping the alumni interview process: we get very little guidance and there are no required topics. We are given little guidance in terms of what we should elicit from the students; likewise, the university doesn’t give us guidance as to how to write our interview reports so that the admissions people can use them in a meaningful way. 


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