Posted by: bridget | 31 August 2006

Now Under the Microscope…

Butterflies in kindergartens combine the environmental destruction of Chernobyl and the moral vacuum of genocide… and they come in a cute box for only $34. To what end is the world coming?

Yes, those fluttering, lovely creatures have the potential to wreck havoc on the environment. Now, we don’t actually know if the critters actually do harm when introduced to other areas, but they could breed with native species and have maladaptive offspring, endangering the local butterfly population for aeons to come. (Darwin? Darwin? It’s survival of the fittest, not of the mutants that will be quickly bred out of the population!) Furthermore, when raised in captivity, they are immediately chomped by predators once released into the wild. (The mutual contradiction will be ignored.) The sane, humane alternative? Read on:

“So once the butterflies have emerged, pop them in the freezer. Tell the children that protecting our environment is not always easy, that we must accept the responsibility that comes with bringing a life into the world, and that like other animals produced for our needs and wants (the industry refers to the butterflies as “livestock”) we owe the butterflies a quick and painless death.”

Yes, dying next to the Icy-Pops is a “quick and painless death.” I expect that it will be approved as the modern alternative to lethal injection. (Maybe I should stop complaining: after all, Mr. Lockwood did not suggest a partial-cocoon abortion, which is usually how liberals “accept the responsibilty that comes with bringing life into the world.”)

All this because that public-school teachers have the nerve to inspire some kids into caring about science.



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