Posted by: bridget | 14 September 2006

Liberal Paternalism

On liberal paternalism: George F. Will wrote an excellent column on the liberal hatred of Wal-Mart. My response to such liberal drivel is simple: don’t like it? Don’t shop there. Use your own small contribution to the free market and refuse to support Wal-Mart. (Also cannot help but think that 18,000 people applied for 325 openings in Wal-Mart because, well, it’s one of the few low-skilled jobs that doesn’t go to illegal immigrants.)

On voting disparities: Because of the Voting Rights Act, we can’t ensure that people who vote even know how to read the ballot, let alone have a clue about for what they are voting. Voter fraud is rampant because the requirement of actually proving that you are the person you claim to be is oppressive. It gets worse. According to the Public Policy Institute of California, our society needs to work on encouraging the uneducated, poor, and non-whites to vote. If people want to disenfranchise themselves, let them. It’s political Darwinism, not a pressing social need.

This nonsense (full report here) essentially amounts to this: we have a democratic republic; in order to be civilised and not a dictatorship, we vote. Now, because some people don’t care enough to vote, we should dismantle that system because it isn’t “democratic.” I’m not sure how much more democratic you can get. To enhance our democratic system, we should also register illegal Mexicans, because they make up a large percentage of non-registered California adults.

Ann Day: Excellent column by Ann Coulter. * Cracks me up that the conspiracy theorists conveniently forget that the hijackers were in flight school during the Clinton administration, or that Atta proposed the attacks during the Clinton administration. It’s the witch doctor theory of politics: the witch doctor plays his drums, then there’s a storm, so you throw the witch doctor into the volcano for causing the storm.

*This link will only work until next Wednesday. Then, search the archives.


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