Posted by: bridget | 18 September 2006

Mu to Swedish PM Election Results!

Sweden’s election results are in – and the centre-right Alliance for Sweden has reclaimed power. The Social Democrats have been in power for all but nine years since 1932. Sweden’s famous welfare state is under attack. Unemployment figures range from the government’s reported 6%, to McKinsey’s 15%, to the Moderates estimation of 21%. The Swedes take the longest sick leave of any country in the world. Many voters see problems as Sweden’s aging population phases out of work and into (what they expect to be) very generous government-funded retirements. Mr. Reinfeldt campaigned on the reduction of government training programmes, reduction of welfare benefits so that working is more profitable than unemployment, and reduction of Sweden’s notoriously high income taxes for the lower classes.

Revolution? Before America continues down its path of a European-style welfare state, will we recognize their problems before they become our own?


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