Posted by: bridget | 20 September 2006

Voter ID House Bill Passes

Just in in the last half-hour (the Oenophile is remarkably prompt when she’s not sipping rare varietals): the House has passed a bill that requires all voters to show that they are citizens before voting in federal elections in 2008.

The Oenophile applauds efforts to prevent voter fraud and also applauds the language in the House bill that requires states to issue ID cards, free of charge, to those who cannot afford them. While unfunded mandates are not her cup of tea (or glass of wine), the language does (or should) eviscerate the traditional Democratic opposition to such measures, in that amounts to an indirect poll tax (unless, of course, “the poor and the elderly” are an euphemism for “deceased Republicans whom we would like to pretend are, in fact, Democrats”).

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