Posted by: bridget | 2 October 2006

Bourbon for All!

Hurrah! Coming to the defence of lady bourbon drinkers everywhere, Alex Witchel’s essay says it all. The Oenophile has endured more than her share of criticism for liking her Maker’s Mark but lacking a Y chromosome… hurrah, hurrah for other hard-liquor loving ladies! No longer shall we be relegated to the drinks of 19-year-old girls on Spring Break in Mexico!

“But among some male bartenders, I’ve noticed more than a tad of residual resistance to the notion that the female of the species can drink hard liquor unadorned by grenadine or chunks of oxidizing pineapple.”
Although the Oenophile’s hat is off to Ms. Witchel, she must ask: How about drinking hard liquor, unadorned by soda water? You know – bourbon, rocks. (This would also solve Ms. Witchel’s problem of having a different ratio of bourbon to tonic than her male dining companions.)


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