Posted by: bridget | 2 October 2006

Regulating Food, Redux

New York is now requiring restaurants to slowly phase out the use of trans-fats in their food. While the Oenophile is continually disturbed by ingredient lists that are reminiscent of her chemical engineering days, she wonders if an outright ban on trans fats is even a good thing. Sure, she would personally love a life of culinary pleasure, unencumbered by partially hydrogenated oils, but her libertarian instinct leads her elsewhere. After all, if restaurants were merely required to disclose the contents of their food (much in the way that packaged foods in supermarkets have nutritional labeling), consumers could choose whether to eat at a certain restaurant or whether to eat a certain dish. This would also have the effect of curbing one of the main problems with the American culinary experience: lots of food, not good food.


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