Posted by: bridget | 3 October 2006

The Real Effect…

…of parental notification/consent laws in abortion. According to a Florida State University study, risky behaviour among teens (here, quantified as incidence of STDs) drops with parental consent or notification laws. The researchers compared STD infection rates among teens with those of 20-somethings to control for overall decline of infection.

Problems with this study:
-Researchers only measured gonorrhea infections among teens, not all STDs. The Oenophile must ask, why this particular STD?
-No mention of how pregnancy rates changed. Teenagers who use the Pill will still pass STDs to each other, but less than 1% of those girls will get pregnant over the course of a year. Parental notification/consent laws are aimed at pregnancy issues, not overall STD or sexual issues.

As mentioned, using STDs does allow researchers to include oral sex as a “risky” behaviour.


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