Posted by: bridget | 11 October 2006

Illogical Complaints, All Around

Last week, the Escondido City Council voted to prohibit the renting of apartments to illegal immigrants. What is most ridiculous about this is the amount of flack they are getting for it. In California, you cannot rent an apartment without pages of paperwork and you cannot open a checking account, anywhere, without proof of ID. If the landlords actually followed their own polices, they wouldn’t be able to rent to illegals, because the background checks wouldn’t come up and, wow, they wouldn’t have a checking account to pay the rent.

Such action has provoked claims of discrimination and racism. Please, people, at least understand what those terms mean. There is no discrimination, as similarly-situated people are not being treated differently. There is no racism, as race is not the deciding factor in whether the ordinance applies or not – citizenship status is. When an illegal Scandanavian immigrant could not rent in Escondido, but a legal Mexican immigrant could, it’s not racism.

In other Border Town news, the handicapped will no longer be allowed to cut the pedestrian line at the border. A lot of people walk back and forth across the Mexican border (presumably, this saves time when the automobile line is 2 hours long); for years, handicapped invididuals were allowed to skip the line. Now, border officials are taking the view that, if you can walk across the border, you can stand in line. This has prompted complaints of exclusion from that port of entry, heartlessness and discrimination.

The Oenophile suggests cane seats.

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