Posted by: bridget | 30 October 2006

Now the liberals have a problem with condoms…

I never thought I would see the NYT criticising condom manufacturing, but, apparently, anything that happens in the Bible Belt is fair game! The issue: Alabama Republicans are requiring that condoms, distributed to Africa as part of our foreign aid, are manufactured, to the extent practicable, in America. The Pachyderm will avoid making comments about the absurdity of Asians making condoms for African men and move on to the more salient issue: why does the NYT, in two pages of discussion about single women raising kids by themselves, never once mention that those evil Republicans get their foreign aid directly from the American taxpayers? Would that undermine the myth that funding for their pet projects comes from a bottomless basket – that they can feed the world from a mere five fish? (Whoever said that liberals are atheists is a dirty, dirty liar. They just cannot distinguish between Jesus and Ted Kennedy.)

The pachyderm will not even begin to ask why the NYT did not perform any semblance of economic analysis of the issue, such as the difference between the cost of American and Asian condoms being outweighed (or not) by the fact that we don’t have to pay a host of “Great Society” benefits for the Americans who would inevitably be laid off (not to mention the purchasing power of that money staying at home and cycling through the economy). Perhaps it’s the fact that social services cost actual money.



  1. Liberals are super-religious. Their god is the State, their church is the courtroom, and abortion is their version of the Eucharist.

  2. Don’t forget Darwinism… they just ignore the fact that they are aborting themselves out of existance. :)

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