Posted by: bridget | 4 November 2006

Are we really a republic anymore?

As mid-term elections approach, both parties are sending attorneys to battleground states. This massive attack on democratic principles – that elections are decided by judges, not by citizens – is a direct result of the 2000 election debacle. (The pachyderm shudders to think of what could have happened if the Supreme Court had allowed Florida to change its balloting procedures during the election.)

The new rallying cry of the Dems is voter identification laws.  Heaven forbid someone, ready to cast a vote, actually prove her identity!  I can’t drive a car without a license – hey, half the time, I can’t swipe my credit card without proving who I am – but we are supposed to allow for rampant voter fraud?  If your base consists of people too dead to stop you from voting for them, doesn’t that say something about the viability of your party?
Pachyderm rant over.  More importantly, any civilised system of government is predicated upon trust in the process which creates it. Once lawsuits and not ballot counts (dangling chads or not) determine the outcome of elections, how can we maintain any semblance of government? How long will it take to collapse into anarchy? Or, will we be spared that, but have one branch of government that governs the other two – the judiciary, with neither the purse nor the sword, becomes the branch that delegates swords and purses?

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