Posted by: bridget | 9 November 2006

California Proposition Results

No, nothing exciting in the pachyderm’s romantic world… just a recap of the election results re: the California propositions. In general terms, Californians passed nearly every proposition that increases government spending, for a total bill of $43 billion dollars. There are 37 million Californians (legal or not…) – which makes this about $1,000 for every man, woman, and child. (The pachyderm apologizes if any San Franciscans do not find themselves among the aforementioned categories.)

The pachyderm is disappointed to note that Jessica’s Law passed by a very wide margin – 70% to 30%. For reasons mentioned in an earlier post, she disapproves of this law. Soon – GPS tracking for 18-year-olds who have sex with their high school sweethearts!

Prop. 85 failed by a 54-46 margin; the breakdown was largely geographic, with the urbanities giving Planned Parenthood more rights than are given to parents.

On a related note, South Dakota voted down their now-famous abortion ban. For all of the Planned Parenthood tongue-wagging about a “victory for choice,” a 55-45 split on the most strict abortion law in modern America is hardly a mandate for abortion on demand. After all, this is a state that went 69-29 for a Dem for the House. (Likewise, California voting down parental notification isn’t a shocker, either.) Polls indicate that the SD ban would have passed if it allowed explicit exceptions for rape and health.  As Anne Hendershott points out, the pro-life side is increasingly pro-woman.


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