Posted by: bridget | 12 November 2006

Yeah, That Took All of Five Days

Took a grand five days for the Dems to admit:

  1. middle-class tax cuts/tax relief for the hoi polloi are not forthcoming and the current tax structure will remain in place indefinitely;
  2. full withdrawal from Iraq will not take place within six months; and
  3. a Turkish invasion of Iraq would be a disaster.

So what have we learned? It’s taking the Democrats all of five days to implement the Republican policies that they complained about so much.  Pachyderm prediction: as much as the Dems are talking about redeployment, Howard Dean’s statements are going to be their slogan in June ’07 when we are still over there.



  1. We’ll be there until Congress cuts down the money tree. I doubt that’ll happen until after the ’08 elections, which means there will be another huge turnover in Congress in two years. Whether the Republicans can reverse some of the damage largely depends on how big of asses the liberals make out of themselves between now and them.

  2. The Republican ’08 victory depends on how well they point out that the new “bipartisanship” is nothing more than the Dems adopting their strategies and positions. Most likely, the Dems will stay in Iraq, not change the tax code, and try to take credit for working on both sides of the aisle.

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