Posted by: bridget | 21 November 2006

FDA Approves Silicone Gel Implants

The FDA has announced that silicone gel implants will be available to all women over the age of 22.  Formerly, they had only been available to women who were replacing old implants, to women in clinical trials, and to those who were undergoing reconstructive surgery. 

After all of the lawsuits during the 80s and 90s, the FDA found that there is no connection between silicone and autoimmune disorders.  Both saline and silicone implants need to be replaced every decade or so.  The US is one of the few countries int the world to ban silicone implants.  Yet, the liberals are throwing a fit, calling this a victory of corporate interests over science.  They seem to miss the fact that the initial ban was a victory of John Edwards type tort law over science: Dow Corning went out of business after losing huge lawsuits over the implants, but the science was later discredited. 

The pachyderm cannot understand why the groups that oppose waiting periods and mandatory pre-abortion counseling now want to play the paternal figures to protect women from themselves in cosmetic surgery.  While the pachyderm is no fan of plastic surgery, she dislikes the idea of not allowing women to make an informed decision for the sole purpose of “protecting” them. 

The age limit ought to be a legally interesting issue – after all, some groups are fighting the FDA over the same disparate availability for Plan B based on age.  If a person is allowed to buy a drink, why can she not get a GRASE implant?


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