Posted by: bridget | 21 November 2006

Woman Removed from Flight for Breast Feeding

A Vermont woman was recently removed from a Delta flight for breast-feeding her baby.  Ms. Gillette was feeding her infant while the plane was at the gate.  When she refused a flight attendant’s offer of a blanket, she was kicked off the plane.  The mommy front is now up in arms.

This isn’t, media hype aside, about breast-feeding.  Ms. Gillette was allowed to continue breast-feeding aboard the plane; she was just required to use a blanket while doing it, which she refused to do.  Lady, breast-feeding might be natural and healthy, but so are excratory functions, and no one wants to see that and we require people to do it in private.  Planes aren’t private.  The person who is stuck next to you might not want to see your boobs.   Have some courtesy for your fellow passengers and breast-feed while covered or express milk into a bottle.  We have the technology.

Ah, another example of our crazy culture in which soccer moms idolize their kids.  Sigh.


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