Posted by: bridget | 9 December 2006

Romney Memo from 1994 Supports Gay Rights

The New York Times reports that Mitt Romney wrote a letter to the Log Cabin Republicans of Massachusetts in 1994, endorsing gay rights and promising to do Senator Kennedy’s record one better.  Specifically, he supported non-discrimination bills, gays in the military, and protections in housing and credit.  Of course, since the Goodrich v. Dep’t of Public Health (Mass. 2003) decision, Romney has been a strong advocate against judicial activism and same-sex unions

Conservative leaders are crying foul and waiting to see how Mr. Romney will reconcile the two.  The pachyderm notes that in a quick google search of Mitt Romney and same-sex marriage, news reporting of his views is remarkably consistent: anti-discrimination, but don’t mess with marriage.  Furthermore, the political and legal landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade.  Far from being marginalised, gays are moving into the mainstream of society and are afforded many of the benefits and protections that are given to straight couples. 

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