Posted by: bridget | 14 December 2006

2008 Commentary

A bit late on this one.  The NY Times has commented on the chances of either a woman or a black man winning the presidency in 2008.  The NY Times failed to note a crucial factor in whether a woman or a black man could be elected: Republicans are more willing than Dems to put  a woman into office.  Republicans have put an astonishing number of women and blacks in high-level Cabinet positions.   While most women governors are Democrats , those women are winning in Republican strongholds and battleground states: Arizona (D), Kansas (D), Louisiana (D), Michigan (D).   Only one blue state, Connecticut, crossed party lines to put a woman in office.

Just goes to show ya that, no matter how the liberals may whine about being the party of women and minorities, the GOP is the party that gets it done.


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