Posted by: bridget | 14 December 2006

Romney Signs Deal to Detail Illegals, Part II

Critics of the plan, including governor-elect Deval Patrick, claim that the agreement is a waste of valuable state resources and is a mean-spirited attack against a vulnerable population.  In case you missed the memo: troopers are permitted, but not required to detain illegals; illegal immigrants also drain valuable state resources (hospitalisations, school expenditures, etc.); and the “vulnerable population” in question is in Massachusetts of its own volition.

Other critics claim that this is hypocritical in light of the fact that Romney’s lawn-care company hires illegal aliens.  (Obviously, someone missed the memo that the 12 million illegals in the US constitute1/25th of the population and are pretty hard to avoid.)  Chelsea and the Massachusetts Port Authority also used the service, a fact buried in or omitted from most news articles.  The pachyderm does not run about, requesting the green cards of the ladies who do her nails, and suspects that most of Romney’s critics are equally lax in regards to ensuring that they do not inadvertently employ an illegal alien by proxy.

The pachyderm is unsure of how Romney was expected to come by this information – perhaps by deserting the State House mid-day to inspect the birth certificate of the guy trimming his hedges?  Furthermore, finding illegals literally in one’s backyard would be an incentive, not a hindrance, to enforce immigration laws.


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