Posted by: bridget | 24 December 2006

Vegetarianism & IQ

The University of Southampton in England reported that smarter people are more likely to be vegetarians.   For each 15-point rise in IQ score, a person is 38% more likely to be a vegetarian.  Researchers noted that children who were tested as having a high IQ during their youth were more likely to report being vegetarian years later. 

Interestingly, the participants often called themselves “vegetarian” when they would consume chicken or fish (do those supposedly high-IQ people think that fish are plants?), but no IQ disparity was found between pollo-pesco and strict vegetarians.  Vegetarians had more educational and vocational training and were more likely to be female.

Correlation or causation?  While the researchers made much ado about the health benefits of being vegetarian, they made little mention of the environmental effects of eating meat.


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