Posted by: bridget | 13 January 2007

The Mommy Mandate

Senator Barbara Boxer snitted to Condoleeza Rice that she had no place to advocate for more troops in Iraq, on account of lacking children. “You’re not going to pay a particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate family.”

What is this nonsense? Only someone with a fruitful uterus can make foreign policy? Boxer promotes a strange immorality by suggesting that Condi -or any other statesman – can only properly assess the value of a war if her children are fighting in it; otherwise, Condi is blind to the casualties. The latest from the Left is the offspring of the nonsense hurled at President Bush (that he should force his twin daughters to enlist). Because, of course, war is only justified when you treat your children like chattel. Now we also know that a woman who hasn’t been through labour is not a competent Secretary of State.

Sen. Boxer proves once again that modern “feminism” judges women based on their adherence to (leftist) dogma, not the soundness of intellect – exactly the evil the early feminists fought against.


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