Posted by: bridget | 17 January 2007

Because Men are Still Getting Married?

The NY Times published this article. Apparently 51% of women are now living without a spouse, which is major, major news. Buried in one measly sentence on page 2:”Over all, a larger share of men are married and living with their spouse — about 53 percent compared with 49 percent among women.”

No kidding. There are more women than men, and women outlive men (so the ratio is even more skewed at older ages). It’s like the New York Times – or most MSM – does not understand that, in a heterosexual marriage, when a man marries, a woman gets hitched, too. There are not scads of unmarried women flitting about America while men reap the benefits of having a wife.

Alternate headlines: “Men Unable to Find Wives, Considered Completely Unmarriageable by Nation’s Women.”


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