Posted by: bridget | 17 January 2007

Liberal Ridiculousness

Courtney Martin opines that abstinence education is the reason for sexual assault. (The rise of sexual assault, concurrent with the rise of sex ed, escaped Miss Martin’s notice.) Her thesis is that abstinence (which, by definition, tells you to not have sex) is the reason that lots of young men are forcing sex on young women. In the pachyderm’s opinion, young men force sex because it is simply outside of their comprehension that young women actually don’t want to have sex with them (or in a one-night stand, with anyone).

Only one in a thousand people are truly sadistic; however, one in four women are sexually assaulted. That leads to the conclusion that each sadistic man assaults 250 women, or that a lot of men who aren’t “bad” are assaulting women. Going with the latter, the obvious next step is to question why men would force themselves on women. Most likely, he doesn’t see the sex as unwanted or forced. Maybe, years of sex ed has taught men that all healthy women want sex, and that using a condom is the only thing one needs to do to be “ready” for sex. Is it any wonder that a drunken guy then tries to have sex with a woman? She’s normal, psychologically sound, and there’s a condom. Where’s the problem?

For Miss Martin to see this dynamic as a result of abstinence education is sad. Women, like her friend, are not “confused” about sex: they are articulating a very clear “No” that is ignored by their partners. They are confused about being raped, which is a psychologically sound reaction, no matter how unambiguous the circumstances. Just one more example of how liberals blame conservative policies for everything.

Hat tip: feministing.


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