Posted by: bridget | 17 January 2007

Why Even Call it a Volvo?

Why turn a brand, renowned and loved for being as aerodynamic as a brick, into this? Part of the Volvo love is the ability to hold a ridiculous amount of stuff. A standard Volvo wagon should be big enough to take you and the kid, all her stuff, and the Saint Bernard off to a dorm room. Blind spots were non-existant. When carrying passengers, a standard NBA squad could fit comfortably. Sunroofs were optional.

Now Volvo has gone all fashionable. (Not that Volvo hadn’t defected from its roots before, but this is but one more egregious example.) The sight lines look terrible. The top is transparent, so the sun will beat down upon you, like it or not. The inside is about as spacious as a Toyota Corolla. ‘Tis a car designed for midgets with a caravan.


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