Posted by: bridget | 24 January 2007

Nifong to Face Charges

Michael Nifong, the now-famous prosecutor in the alleged Duke rape case, will be facing additional charges of prosecutorial misconduct.  To date, he has been accused of making statements before the trial (e.g. press interviews), withholding exculpatory evidence and making false statements to the judge.  DNA tests were not inconclusive, nor did they provide certain evidence that a Duke lacrosse player had sex with the accuser; rather, the tests conclusively proved that she had sex with several other men, none of whom were members of the Duke lacrosse team.  Despite this, Nifong continued with the case and withheld this information from the defense.  The North Carolina bar could remove Nifong’s license to practice law.

It’s about time.  This debacle has continued for almost a year.  While the pachyderm is entirely sympathetic to prosecutors who face an uphill battle in charging rape cases, Nifong has made it more difficult for any woman who was actually raped and wants to come forward.

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