Posted by: bridget | 25 January 2007

California: The Parent You Always Wanted

California is considering banning trans fats (following NYC’s lead) and spanking, so residents of the Left Coast will have to eat their veggies but will only get a time-out if they don’t.  Liberals and other pansy types who consider spanking to be child abuse and advocate for the ban. They fail to see two major points: that their preferred and ideal method of parenting does not justify the illegality of other methods; and small children learn by punishment and pleasure (Kohlberg stages 1 and 2).

Republican Dick Ackerman stated that, “I’m trying to pick a word other than crazy, let me see, not well thought out.” Best of all, a parent opined that “A bill should be passed to allow other parents to smack the parents of undisciplined children.”  It will not be long before the government deems itself more wise than any individual, and, on that rationale, justifies micromanagement of every area of life.  This only moves us one step closer to the situation in Ayn Rand’s Anthem, where the State determines who may procreate with whom, and then seizes the babies immediately after birth.

In other parent news, a couple made headlines when their 3-year-old daughter delayed a flight for 15 minutes; finally, the Airtran employees threw them all off the flight. According to reports, she was hitting her parents and refused to sit in her seat. FAA rules require that all children over the age of 2 be seated in their own seat and buckled during take-off and landing. Airtran had two choices: indeterminately delay the flight (causing missed connections and hassles for the passengers and huge costs for Airtran) or kick the family off the flight. Flying in violation of federal law, which would turn the child into a mini projectile, is certainly not an option. A peanut for Airtran for having the backbone to run their airline in a sensible manner.


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