Posted by: bridget | 29 January 2007

How Much Longer Until ’08?

George Will has an excellent column regarding the unconstitutionality of the idea to give voting rights to delegates of US territories.  He misses the most fundamental point, however: the Constitution explicitly limits membership in the House to elected representatives of each state.  Therefore, if you aren’t an elected member of a state, you don’t belong in the House – not as a non-voting member, a delegate, a voting-except-when-it-counts member, or any other form.  Unlike residents of DC, residents of these areas can opt for statehood, which would give them representation in both the House and the Senate.  Undermining this process – and giving the benefits, without the burdens, of statehood – is nothing save a blind power-grab and a further attempt to undermine the Constitution.

From a practical standpoint, this debacle could be difficult to litigate because of standing issues: a court may find that no citizen is harmed by this in a way that allows him to litigate the issue.


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