Posted by: bridget | 29 January 2007

Just Tell Them That Abortionists Support Self-Defense

The NY Times, in its usual anti-American, pro-pansy way, opined that Florida’s gun laws are an abomination. Florida has recently allowed its residents to carry concealed and will not make public the list of people who apply for those licenses. Among its chief complaints:

  • There are now 410,000 licensed gun holders in Florida.
  • 1,400 people got gun licenses who had pled guilty or nolo contendre to felonies.
  • Floridians are allowed to defend themselves if they believe it to be “reasonably necessary.”

Florida has a population of 17,789,864. That means that registered gun owners account for a mere 2.3% of the population. Yet, one in three American households have guns. So Floridians are still well below the national average for exercising its Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Liberals favour allowing felons to have their voting rights reinstated; why not this particular Constitutional right? While the pachyderm sees the appeal in not allowing murderers to have firearms, the fact is that convicted criminals represent a very small portion of gun owners. The “day without guns” may come, and it will look like Washington, DC: a day where only the police and criminals may defend themselves. Neither should anyone who defends himself be subject to higher scrutiny than a “reasonable person;” to do otherwise would allow criminals to play armchair quarterback by claiming that self-defense was unnecessary. Such a law does nothing but put Florida in line with other states and the common law.


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