Posted by: bridget | 1 February 2007

The Deadliness of Moral Relativism

This was prompted by two postings on Feministing, their associated comments, and a general confusion about the (one-sided) love affair between modern American liberals and radical Islam. Feministing recently posted an item about “ghost brides” in China, where a group of men paid families for their daughters, slaughtered the women, and buried them alongside unmarried men. It is a Chinese idea that a woman buried alongside an unmarried man will be his eternal bride. The second news item involves a small town just outside of Quebec. Immigrants who wish to live in the town are informed of its modern laws regarding women: “…women are allowed to drive, vote, dance, write checks, dress how they want, work and own property.” As such, no honour killings, forced marriages, or female circumcision allowed.

Oddly, the ire from the feminist department was not on behalf of women who undergo genital mutilation or murder, but at people who dare to point out that those cultures are hundreds of years behind Western civilisation in terms of women’s rights and equality. Such thoughts seem to provoke the “feminist” battle cries of political correctness and damnation of “racism.” Apparently, pointing out that Americans are more enlightened because we don’t condone honour killings and genital mutilation is “racist.” We see that “feminists” elevate moral relativism over the concern of women’s well-being.

While America is not necessasrily the paragon of gender equality, it is certainly not China or the Taliban. Parents do not selectively abort their female children because they are unprofitable; genital mutiliation is not practised; we do not have the situation where 70% of women who are in prison are there for the crime of having been raped; we are governed by a Constitution and not by law from the Koran that dictates that women are inferiour; yet, the glass ceiling is the moral equivalent of selling women to be killed for “ghost brides.” This pachyderm would really rather be passed up for a promotion than slaughtered for an ancient ritual.

Such moral relativism will lead, inevitably, to the decline of Western civilisation and the values of individual dignity and equality. Moral relativism deems that no culture is superiour to another; therefore, the Taliban or rural China are equally as bad as America for women’s rights. If their values are imported here (or to Canada), we are not to complain. “Feminists” see no value in asserting the rights of women who live in Western societies to be free from the repression, mutilation, and killings that are part and parcel of other societies. This love affair with moral relativism will result in, as do all illicit affairs, the sacrifice of other things of import – and feminism will be the first to go.

The two disparate cultures that “feminists” defend have little in common save for systematic repression and killing of women. Neither China nor Muslim countries are pro-choice; the former requires abortion after the first child is born (resulting in the selective abortion of girl babies), while the latter forbids it entirely. Women are treated as property – not as a figure of speech – but are bought, sold, traded, and killed in the same manner as livestock. The problem of “ghost brides” in China will only be exacerbated as the younger generation – radically skewed in favour of men – grows up, leaving many men without hope of marriage.

The mentality of the modern Left elevates moral relativism – the idea that there is no real moral good, and therefore, no absolute moral bad – above all of its favourite causes. Any true pro-choicer would decry the situation in both China and the Muslim world; anyone bent on ensuring that women break through the glass ceiling would be outraged at a culture that would deny education to women. Any person who believes in religious freedom would condemn a culture that holds Islamic law as its own law and advocates for its dominion over Christianity and Judiasm – not to mention the slaughter of atheists. But, for the sake of moral relativism, the Left remains silent. Islam is not silent about its alleged superiourity and uses its force of conviction to undermine Western civilisation. Such is the Darwinistic rule: those uncertain of their own worth will not survive.


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