Posted by: bridget | 1 February 2007

Well, No Kidding

The judge in the Scooter Libby debacle has declared himself skeptical of a key part of Mr. Libby’s defence: that the White House used him as a scapegoat. In October of 2003, Scott McClellan publicly exonerated Mr. Libby of leaking Valerie Plame’s identity.

For those who missed it the first few dozen times: Scooter Libby is not charged with leaking Valerie Plame’s name. Richard Armitage has already confessed to that, and is not so much as seeing the shadow of an indictment. For the White House, four months after the leak, to state that Scooter Libby did not leak Ms. Plame’s name is nothing more than the truth – but, until Mr. Armitage confessed to being the source, no one knew who actually leaked her name. Is it that hard to fathom that there might be some confusion as to who “leaked” her name, both by Mr. Libby and the White House?


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