Posted by: bridget | 5 February 2007

AEI Promotes Science and Discord

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) recently offered $10,000 to scientists who can refute the new global warming report, which declared that, with 90% certainty, that humans have caused the elevation in climate temperature during the last fifty years.

Pollution and global warming are certainly serious issues.  Critics, however, miss a very important point: the Earth’s temperature undergoes frequent fluctuations, unrelated to human industrial waste (or even human life).  The mini Ice Age that lasted during the Renaissance was likely the result of high volcanic activity; the particulate matter in the air caused solar energy to be reflected away from the Earth, which cooled it.  A thousand years ago, England was wine country.  Millions of years ago, the earth was a massive snowball.  Climatic changes are caused by, inter alia, the earth’s trajectory, volcanic activity, and the respiration cycles of bacteria.  Different life forms, long before the Industrial Revolution, have changed the atmosphere simply by existing.

Given this, it is entirely sensible for AEI to hire scientists for the specific purpose of examining the new report.  There is a difference between correlation and causation; if the report does not properly account for long-term climate changes and other factors, then it should not be used as the basis for sweeping policy changes and liberal hysteria.


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