Posted by: bridget | 6 February 2007

Caving in to Peer Pressure

When John Edwards announced that Amanda Marcotte would be his Blogmaster, the right-wing blogosphere had more fun than after John Kerry’s comment about the (lack of) intelligence of the American troops. Politically, Miss Marcotte’s new job is manna from heaven and every bit as delicious.

Some conservatives dislike her for being strident, but that isn’t really a cause for complaint; after all, leather mini-skirted commentatrix Ann Coulter is far more fiery. The real issue with Miss Marcotte is that she is utterly illogical, sacrifices women for political gain, and is incapable of seeing validity in a viewpoint not her own.

Miss Marcotte has earned the scorn of Americans with her now-absurd opinions on the Duke rape case. There’s a lot of valid reasons for people to have believed the woman’s story in the beginning. There’s a lot of valid reasons to defend that initial decision now, even in light of the DNA evidence which exonerated the Duke players. (According to the FBI, between 92% and 98% of alleged victims are telling the truth; rape is underreported and perpetrators are rarely convicted; and women who come forward with an accusation often face social stigma.)

Instead of justifying her defence of the stripper, Miss Marcotte decided to bury her head in the sand and declare the guilt of the lacrosse players. (As of 21 January 2007, after Nifong was brought up on charges of prosecutorial misconduct, she said, “Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it?“) She is not making it any easier for future rape victims to come forward, but makes it easier for alleged perpetrators to degrade their victims, simply because she would like to rant about the ethereal patriarchy. That insanity is why the right-wing blogosphere is having fun with this.

Miss Marcotte is more than pro-choice; she is actually pro-abortion. She sees adoption as an inferiour choice to aborting, does not believe that fetuses are human, and resents restrictions on pregnant women that prevent fetal deformity. She mocks Feminists for Life, who work to ensure that pregnant women have resources, such as prenatal care, maternity leave, support from universities, modified tenure requirements to enable professors to be parents, and child care. That agenda is about as non-partisan and as woman-friendly as you can get, but Miss Marcotte goes out of her way to attack it. A true pro-choicer would want all options available to women, including adoption or support for parenting students; Miss Marcotte rejects these as being “not self-deterministic” and advocates for infanticide.

Although the right-wing blogosphere is entirely justified in donning their celebratory hats, they may want to consider that they haven’t really lived until Miss Marcotte has told them that she knows their gender (non-Uterine American) better than they do. This blogger was repeatedly accused of being a man; the basis of those accusations was logical and philosophical stances on abortion, unencumbered by the notion that pro-lifers are misogynist Puritans out to punish women for having sex. Miss Marcotte believes that all stable women will all think exactly like she does. Her ideological litmus test for the fair sex harkens back to the nineteenth century, where women were judged not on the fruits of their minds but on their conformity with gender norms. The irony that a “feminist” now does the same is not lost on her detractors.

For her own political ends, she throws women under the bus. She might be a feminist, but she is not pro-woman. Coupled with her new boss’s notorious contempt for OB-GYNs, the Edwards-Marcotte team is comically offensive to Americans.

Left-wingers defend Mr. Edwards by claiming that Miss Marcotte’s former blogging at Pandagon does not reflect upon him nor his campaign. This suggestion is patently absurd and just adds spice to the manna. Mr. Edwards chose Amanda Marcotte, over a multitude of other liberal feminist bloggers, because of Pandagon. Her writings, up to her appointment, reflect upon him, much in the way that an Art. III nominee’s record reflects upon the President who suggested him for appointment. He made millions suing OB-GYNs based on bad science; she’s all about abortion and anti-adoption. Manna for anyone who likes moms and apple pie!


  1. Assuming Edwards approves of her death wish for all children, and must recognize the accompanying mental imbalance, he will at no time ask her to babysit.

    Rejection of basic feminist ideas by the vast majority of American women is fostered by the obsession with abortion. Her mean spirited attitude toward women friendly agendas of fellow feminists, a willingness to assume the worst of political rivals and kneejerk victimhood status for all non whites reflects a slavish observance of PC liturgy, and virtually no critical thinking skills.

    How free the life must be which only seeks to blame or destroy rather than build and create.

    Edwards made this choice and must live with it.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. Hi Hank,

    Thanks for visiting! :)

    I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, the abortion-on-demand mandate undermines a lot of feminist goals, such as women’s health. You’ll never hear a sex ed class that talks about the health and psychological effects of abortion; there are far too many doctors who refuse to perform tubal ligations and vascetomies because abortions isn’t a big deal; and men have a mandate to have sex without consequences.

    You are right about refusing to build and create (and find good solutions to social crises that don’t involve taxing the rich or infanticide) – but that’s modern liberalism for you.

  3. Well stated. Feminists are so ignorant to support the male ran multi-billion dollar per year industry which is just set up to, as you put it so well, “have a mandate for sex without any consequences”. It turns out to be much less expensive to murder your unborn child than to pay 18 years of child support.

  4. Wytammic,

    Thanks for stopping by. :) I love the Will Rogers quote on your site.

    You are correct that abortion is cheaper than child support. There is a reason why the biggest supporters of abortion are men between the ages of 18 and 35. In their world, abortion is fabulous. In my world, that isn’t very pro-woman.

  5. Thought you might enjoy this:

  6. Thank you, Hank! :) Good news, in some ways – but it deprives us of 18 months of Miss Marcotte madness. :(

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