Posted by: bridget | 7 February 2007

Let’s Just Ban New Yorkers

In an attempt to be the first city to ban itself out of existence, New York State Senator Carl Krueger proposed a measure that would outlaw talking on a cell phone or listening to an iPod while crossing city streets. Poor benighted souls in New York, without government intervention, won’t know to look both ways when crossing the street.

Good thing this pachyderm is a Luddite with a Walkman, because those aren’t banned.

No smoking outside. No trans fats. No foie gras. No iPods and cell phones. (You can, however, stand nearly naked in Times Square wearing nothing save a guitar and a cowboy hat. Is it all okay so long as you wear the cowboy hat?)

Makes a girl want to walk across the street with a vintage Cuban cigar, an iPod, absinthe, a Crackberry and foie gras on fries. (Cowboy hat optional.)


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