Posted by: bridget | 10 February 2007

You’re Kidding, Right?

It’s okay for a school district to bring in sexually explicit speakers for mandatory assemblies which do nothing save educate their children about topics best left for pornography, but Heaven forbid that a school bring in a person who discusses and demonstrates the dangers of casual sex.

The Washington Post reported that a Montgomery County school had a woman from the Rockville Pregnancy Resource Center discuss STDs and pregnancy. During this exercise, she offered students a piece of gum to share. Students were free to not participate in the activity; indeed, many opted out without any retribution. The gum was passed around the room until it had been chewed by each participating student. The point was to demonstrate how STDs are spread. There was a low risk of disease transmission (cold, flu) from the experiment.

Parents complained. The school district threw a fit, finding it to be “repulsive.” Most students did not care (note the “optional” part of the exercise). RPRC can no longer speak at the area’s high schools.

A note to the august complainants: 63% of high school seniors have had sex, and a third have had at least four sexual partners. Only 2/3 of these students use condoms. STDs are far ickier than sharing a piece of gum.

The Helvidian scorecard:

  • statues in art museum = bad
  • demonstrating disease transmission via volunteers = bad
  • abstinence = bad
  • blowing up condoms on stage, mandatory = good
  • mandatory orgasm faces = good

Apparently, as long as students aren’t being taught to wait or that STDs are icky, it’s all fair game.



  1. Wow, the upset parents of the children who chewed the gum are most likely the ones who don’t give a rip that their kids fall into the 63% of high school seniors that have given their virginity or purity away. It’s sad that these kids fail to realize that this is a gift that God intends for them to give their future spouses. Not to mention — this promiscuity is something that can actually cost them their lives — with all the available STDs.

  2. Hi Tammi,

    Thank you for stopping in! :) You’re absolutely correct. :)

    Not to mention that promiscuity makes it difficult to have meaningful sex in a marriage. Not to mention that it makes ti difficult to form meaningful relationships that have emotional depth. Not to mention the effect on one’s psyche. Not to mention that 40% of American women have abortions during their lifetime.

    40% of students have sex and don’t use condoms. Pardon me, but that “eeewww” factor far outweighs the gum “eeeewww” factor. If the ickiness of STDs convinces kids that there’s a reason why people advocate for abstinence, great.

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