Posted by: bridget | 15 February 2007

Libby Defense Rests

Mr. Scooter Libby’s defense team has rested their case. They were not allowed to call witnesses to testify as to what Mr. Libby was dealing with on the day of the “Plame leak.” At the core of this is people who missed the memo that the White House did not “cover up” the Armitage sightseeing tour of Nigeria, nor did they try to discredit Ms. Plame. Richard Armitage did all of that. Yet, the Washington Post reports:

“Libby is charged with lying to investigators about his role in the leak of Plame’s name. Prosecutors contend that he deliberately obscured his role in a White House campaign to discredit Plame’s husband, former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, by suggesting that nepotism was the reason the CIA dispatched Wilson to Africa in 2002.”

Except the White House wasn’t trying to discredit Mr. Wilson, so saying that Mr. Libby played a role in the cover-up and then lied about it is riduclous. This entire trial is akin to the damning question of “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Best wishes towards Mr. Libby and hope for a jury with sense to know that no crime has been committed.



  1. Good summary of a complex situation. It is amazing that the average person could sift through dozens of articles in the MSM and never see what an injustice this is. The whole campaign was a lame attempt to make Bush look bad, when in truth it makes the Dems look bad.

  2. Thank you for stopping in, Neil!

    It will, hopefully, make the Dems look bad, but the whole situation is too absurd to really contemplate. Moreover, I’m not a fan of sacrificing Mr. Libby to political expediency – I sincerely hope he gets his freedom at the end of this.

    More reading, via Ann Coulter:

  3. Thanks, I love reading Ann Coulter.

    I gotta admit I could use some help deciphering the following:

    Helvidius (I know what a pachyderm is)


  4. I’m with Neil.

    My sister asked me just tonight what a Bromophile was.

    I told her nothing bad.


  5. LOL!

    Helvidius = James Madison, while arguing for ratification of the Constitution. JM also is the luminary and guiding light of the Federalist Society.

    Pachyderm: significantly, mascot of my beloved alma mater & sign of the Republican party.

    Theobromine = one of the chemicals found in chocolate.
    (I used to be a chemical engineer. As such, I’m enough of a nerd to have a hot chocolate mug with the chemical symbol for theobromine on it.)

    Hi, ICPS’s sister! ;)

  6. PS. A “bromophile” would be a lover of food (“bromos” = food in Greek*). See third entry in explanation of blog content. ;)

    * So I also studied Greek in college. See “nerd” comment above.

  7. Thanks for the background! My guesses would have been waaaay off (something along the lines of “the theology of bromine”).

  8. Lol… theology of food – the new pagan ritual.

    I’m guessing that you’re Neil, father of two, who likes the Simpsons.

    ICanPlainlySee probably doesn’t wear glasses or contacts.

  9. Good guess – this isn’t one of my prouder statements, but The Simpsons is our favorite show (and the only one I even watched until recently, when we added Monk and Psych).

  10. It’s classic satire! It skewers everyone. Why not enjoy it?

  11. This may seem silly, but I want to let you know just what’s what. My chosen name has nothing to do with eyes or insight.

    I’m a mostly melancholy guy, soft hearted and prone to deeply felt emotions. A tear at a commercial with a cute, little baby isn’t rare.

    A 60 year old Sinatra pop song called “It’s a lonesome old town” goes like this..

    It’s a lonesome old town,
    when your not around,
    I’m lonely, as I can be.

    I never knew,
    how much I missed you,
    but now,
    I can plainly see.

    Just so you know.


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