Posted by: bridget | 15 February 2007

Newest Study on Pregnancy Food is Fishy

A new study shows that women who consume fish at least three times per week while pregnant have children who have higher IQs, better fine motor skills, and better neurologial development.  If that is really the case, great, but the newest suggestion is just fishy.

Women who can afford to eat fish at least three times per week are significantly wealthier, on the average, than the general population.  Generally, wealth correlates to intelligence (which has a genetic component); better health care (i.e. prenatal care);  better nutrition in general (is fish the only variable in the diet?) ; and better living conditions (i.e. less lead paint or other toxins which negatively affect neural development).  Women who eat fish as opposed to, say, baby back ribs or Doritos tend to take better care of their bodies.  Is it any wonder that the children of pescotarians are well-adjusted, smart youngsters?


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