Posted by: bridget | 19 February 2007

If By “Covert,” You Mean “Likes to Play Dress-Up as Spies”

Bryan York has an article at the Washington Post that details one of the many problems with the Scooter Libby case: that Ms. Plame was not a covert CIA agent. We know that Mr. Libby did not leak her name; we also know that she was not a covert agent. So there is no underlying crime, but the judge refuses to allow this evidence into the courtroom.

Victoria Toensing also wrote about the real criminals in the Scooter Libby case – inter alia, the special prosecutor who should have known that there was no crime and Richard Armitage, who disclosed her name and then kept silent.

What is really shocking is that this is NOT a scandal.



  1. The special prosecutor statute needs SERIOUS work- or elimination.

    -J. Kaiser

  2. Ditto that. Of course, the Supreme Court upheld the Independent Counsel Act in 1988 (Morrison v. Olsen), mostly because they thought that the public liked the idea. Now we’re stuck with Fitzgerald, who is on a witch hunt.

  3. I agree with the witch hunt analyses, but somehing is missing from the 90’s.

    I’ve noticed no personal attacks on Fitzgerald ala Ken Starr. Is he a cleany weenie, or has this stategy been ignored? Or, is the tactic of the guilty only?


  4. Thanks, Hank. I guess that’s what I meant when I asked why this is not a scandal. There is no crime. (At least Bill Clinton sexually harassed his intern and committed perjury. Oh, yeah, and raped a few dozen women.) The people who could have committed a crime – if mentioning that a guy who is spouting off in the NYT is related to a non-covert CIA agent is a crime – are not charged. It’s just insane.

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