Posted by: bridget | 19 February 2007

This is Not Pro-Choice

A little late on this one…

At the end of January, a UCLA student went undercover to the student health center and claimed to be pregnant. Employees at the center strongly counseled her to get an abortion, stating that the university lacked resources for pregnant and parenting students.

The Advocate reported that the nurse practitioner explained the difficulties of pregnancy and revealed that most of the students she talks to terminate their pregnancies. “UCLA doesn’t support people who are pregnant and make things easier for them necessarily,” the nurse practitioner said. The student health center staff informed Rose that while UCLA had two medical providers of abortion on campus ready to assist, Health Services had no support for a woman who wanted to continue her pregnancy, The Advocate reported.”

That is not what is meant by pro-choice. If a woman aborts because she lacks other options – such as continuing a pregnancy, adoption, or parenting while finishing her education – we have substituted one forced decision for another. FFL’s committment to changing the campus culture to allow women to be pregnant or raise children demonstrates fealty to the pro-choice principles of giving women viable options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy – a pro-choice, pro-woman stance that is not reflected in the agendas of their pro-abortion, anti-parenting counterparts:

Creative solutions emerged at campuses like Wellesley, where students held a rummage sale in support of pregnant students. Berkeley students raised funds to install 22 new diaper decks for 1,000 parenting students enrolled there. University of Virginia students organized a babysitting service for parents, primarily law school students. Feminists for Life promoted telecommuting solutions early on, to expand parents’ options for completing their education.”

Pro-life, pro-woman, pro-education.


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