Posted by: bridget | 20 February 2007

Warm Fuzziness From the Washington Post

The Washington Post has a great piece about black parents in the DC metro area who are working to change the anti-achievement black culture. Since the parents of middle school-aged black children have worked together, their sons have improved their grades and now see academic achievement as apart of personal and social achievement.  The 2012 club seeks to get all of the children involved (current seventh-graders) to graduate on time in 2012.

The article focuses on the parents of boys, not just black parents; this is probably because black women radically outperform black men in terms of high school graduation rates, college attendance, college graduation, and graduate school placement. Of course, this indicates that a part of the reason for black underperformance is more than racism: there are cultural factors within the black community that contribute to the problem.  The parents are creating a different micro-culture of achievement for their sons to combat the larger, black American culture.



  1. the problem is uneuivocally the detrimental aspects of black culture that are unfortunately embraced by pop culture (MTV, BET – which is inherently racist towards all other groups and an amazement that it is still allowed to operate). But not only do these aspects of black culture hurt blacks the most, the culture, which is highlighted by a money, girls, drugs and alcohol, and no family – this culture hurts all americans. whites, asians, hispanics, and most of all, blacks, have all, to some degree, embraced these perfermores as role models. until parents of all races teach their children to embrace hard work and use the opportunities that are available to them to create wealth and a family, then all children, but mostly black kids, will stop trying to emulate the WRONG role models. education is a right for all americans, but unfortunately most kids, b/c they are so young, do not have the foresight to see that it is really an investment. it is therefore the obligation as a parent to make them realize, or if htey cannot, force them to invest in their future by doing well in school. Bill Cosby, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice – these should be the heros and models all parents, but especially black parents, should be pushing to their kids. but unfortunately, too, these people are often portrayed by the black leaders of today (sharpton, rangel, etc.) as out of touch and flat out wrong. its a shame.

  2. I’ll agree that it’s an American problem, but it hurts blacks, and black boys, especially, more than whites. The “victim” culture does not help motivate young black students, but programmes like these help to establish a new culture – albeit a small one.

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