Posted by: bridget | 21 February 2007

Excuse Me?

Sen. Clinton criticised her opponent, Barack Obama, for accepting donations from a man who was openly critical of her. David Geffen said, inter alia, that Hillary is too polarising to win the Presidency and that her vote for the Iraq war in 2002 was a bad idea. She thinks that, if Mr. Obama is serious about changing the tone of American politics, that he should return the money and denounce Mr. Geffen.

Hillary’s rationale is appalling. She either thinks that politics should be like elementary school Valentine’s Day, where everyone is nice to each other or gets a time-out, or is so enamoured of Group Think that she finds free speech to be an abomination. Either way, people are entitled to criticise politicians – that being the core principle of First Amendment free speech rights – and certainly are entitled to donate to the campaigns of candidates whom they prefer. It will be a dark day when politicians are pressured to return donations of people who are critical of their opponents; after all, the point of donating to a candidate is so that he can defeat his opponent. The point of accepting donations is to improve one’s chances of winning over other candidates, presumably one disagrees with their policies. A memo to Sen. Clinton: people who oppose your policies will support your opponents.  It’s called politics.

First Bill pulled the wool over her eyes with Monica (and Gennifer and Paula and Kathleen….); then President Bush snowed her with Iraq; now she wants her opponents to sabotage their own campaigns  and treat her with kid gloves. Heaven only knows how Hillary would handle criticism from the entire free world – but this blogger hopes that we never find out.


  1. Hi Bridget,

    Left-coaster David Geffen swiftboats Hillary.

    Im shocked.

    Personal attacks on Senator Clinton and her husband by political competitors.


    Hillary, the carpet-bagging, phony, fraudulent, wax figure of deceit, historical revisionism and flip flopping says “Why do they hate me?”



  2. LOL! Hank, you should just blog for me.

  3. How whiney can she get? I thought she was smarter than to complain about something like that.

  4. Yeah, ya got me. It sounds like the head cheerleader who is upset that her friends are having a party without her.

    She’s giving women a bad name. I mean, if she could at least have some guts, people could believe that she has what it takes to be a good President. Where’s the savvy? Where’s the tough skin and the politiking?

  5. […] Interesting commentary here about the smartest woman in the world. Thanks Bridget   […]

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