Posted by: bridget | 28 February 2007

Missing D.C.

This elephant wishes that she were on the right coast in March. The Gathering of Eagles will be marching in a counter-demonstrating to the crazy, treasonous Leftists who plan to invade the Capitol on 17 March. If you’re in the area, show some support for the idea that freedom should not end at America’s borders and, while you’re at it, help protect our nation’s monuments.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.



  1. I also would love to be there. However, my husband will be having surgery in Denver that following week, so we’re unable to plan on going anywhere else. I wonder if we can count on the MSM to show both sides of the protests or not? Probably not.

  2. Good luck to your hubby, Tammi. Hugs to both of you.

    I don’t think the MSM will show both sides of the protest. I’ll be nearly anything that they won’t show the caravan that leaves California on the 8th, DC-bound.

  3. Thanks Bridget:)He has been recovering from a work accident (falling 30 feet and shattering both elbows) since last August. He’s come a long way and we are just glad he’s still with us!

  4. Oh wow. :( I’m sorry to hear that he was hurt so badly. Yes, I can understand why you and Tieki Rae are glad that you still have him. Best of luck to you both in March.

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