Posted by: bridget | 2 March 2007

Virginia Joins Texas Madness

Virginia’s Governor Tim Kaine will sign a bill that will require sixth-grade girls to be immunized against HPV, thereby following Texas’s lead. The pachyderm isn’t sure what’s up with these Southern states that are on their way to socialism. Gov. Kaine said that he initially had reservations about the mandate, but changed his mind:

“The particular language that ended up in the bill is fine,” Kaine said. “It’s very broad, and people get information about the health benefits and any health concerns about the vaccination and they get to make their own decisions. I think that is the right balance.”

If Gov. Kaine truly wanted parents in the Commonwealth to make their own decisions, he would not have the government make that decision on their behalf. Currently, the vaccine is acceptable for women who are as old as twenty-six and as young as eleven and women usually don’t develop cervical cancer until their mid-50s; yet, all of these bills focus on the youngest possible age group. “Health concerns” about the vaccine miss the largest of those concerns: over the forty years between vaccination and the time when precancerous lesions may develop, the virus will mutate, rendering the vaccine ineffectual.



  1. Does Kaine have Merck lobbyists tied to him like Rick Perry does in Texas?

  2. I honestly don’t know that. I’ve done some digging, but have only come up with the very bland fact that Merck donated $5,000 to Gov. Perry and to “eight other lawmakers.” Conveniently, the press does not disclose those people.

    Not a fan of using middle school girls as political pawns, no matter how good the ends might be.

  3. Ooohh, better answer: Merck is set to increase its Virginia presence:

    (Via Vaccine Awakening:

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