Posted by: bridget | 6 March 2007

Miscarriage of Justice

Lewis “Scooter” Libby was convicted on four of the five counts against him. Jurors claimed that they felt as if he were the fall man for Rove, Bush, and Cheney. His lawyers plan to ask for a new trial. Considering that the jurors failed to understand the basic facts of the case – i.e. that Rove and Cheney had nothing to do with exposing Valerie Plame, as that was done by a Democrat, Richard Armitage – he should get one. Jurors are the ultimate triers of fact, but these are facts that are not disputed by the prosecution. “‘It was said a number of times, ‘What are we doing with this guy here? Where’s [Karl] Rove … where are these other guys?'” By Rove, you mean Armitage, right?

Oddly, Richard Armitage is not going to stand trial for leaking classified information: Persecutor Prosecutor Fitzgerald says that he will not file any more charges in the Plame leak case. “Fitzgerald said he did not “expect to file any further charges,” although he held open the possibility that “if new information comes to light that warrants taking further action, we will do that'”

What really should happen now is that someone should bring Mr. Fitzgerald up on ethics charges and remove his license to practice law. Also, Amy Goldstein and Carol Leonnig, who wrote a four-page Washington Post article that blamed Cheney for the cover-up and never mentioned Mr. Armitage, should be sued for libel.

Edit: J. Kaiser, in the comments, has a link to a quick bio of Dennis Collins, the juror who has been all over the news. This blogger was a little skeptical of someone who would talk so pointedly and openly about the verdict.



  1. What a pathetic trial and verdict. Fortunately for the MSM this case is just a little too complex for our short attention spans.

    Where is their attention on Sandy Berger, who was caught red handed on a much worse offense?

  2. Check out this info on the juror whose face is all over the news with his all too perfect sound bite quotes.

    J. Kaiser

  3. Thanks for stopping in, Neil & J. Kaiser. :)

    Neil – the list of better people to prosecute for various crimes is pretty long, mostly because it has people who actually violated the law.

    J. Kaiser: Thanks for the link. I’m editing my post so that it doesn’t get buried in the comments. Pathetic that they let Woodward’s former employee be on the case.

  4. You don’t suppose Mr. Collins has any aspirations regarding this case beyond his jury duty stint, do you? Nah.

  5. Nah. Of course not.

    I would love to see the voir dire on that guy. It would be the ultimate irony if he were charged with perjury. :)

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