Posted by: bridget | 9 March 2007

Guilty By Reason of Insanity

More on the Scooter Libby trial.  Charles Krauthammer weighs in, pointing out that Bill Clinton’s Oval Office escapades were probably a lot more memorable than junior-high gossip in the middle of a war.  The judge’s prohibitions against the presentation of evidence by the defense and the lack of any underlying crime, in his opinion, are reasons for an immediate Presidential pardon.

Adding insult to injury, Valerie Plame is now suing the Bush administration for leaking her name“Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney, White House political adviser Karl Rove and former State Department Deputy Secretary Richard Armitage are named in the case.”  Great.  If she’s suing Mr. Armitage (presumably because she is aware that he leaked her name), why sue the others?  For covering it up?  Really, Ms. Plame – can’t you be happy with your book and movie deal?

“Plame’s lawyers have to show that Cheney and the other defendants aren’t immune from such lawsuits. To do that, her attorneys have to show the administration clearly violated the Constitution.”

Good luck, honey.  There’s a First Amendment right (or two) in there, and someone might point out that  you aren’t running around suing Judith Miller, who arguably did a lot more damage than Mr. Libby or Mr. Bush.    Sister, you don’t have a Constitutional right to pretend to be a covert agent, send your husband on a taxpayer-funded vacation so that he can flap his mouth to the New York Times, and then sue the President when one of his political opponents told you off.

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