Posted by: bridget | 9 March 2007

Two Months Down, Twenty to Go

Only two months into her tenure as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is facing fire from Democrats.  The moderate wing – those who won, narrowly, in conservative areas by running on conservative principles – disagree with her plan for a withdrawal from Iraq.  Liberals, desperate to have left Iraq back when Saddam was still a free man, are demanding immediate withdrawal of the troops and elimination of funding.  Speaker Pelosi finds herself in the imposible position of uniting Democrats against a common enemy – except that half of the Democrats are beholden to conservative voters, having run on Republican platforms.

Two down, twenty to go.  One can only hope that the progressive wing keeps unraveling, letting voters find out what they put into office.


  1. I confess that the whole thing is giving me a major bout of schadenfreude. (I included a link to the definition because I had never heard it used until Lisa Simpson mentioned it once).

  2. Girl, you gotta check out my smack-talking. Go to my blogroll and click on “Lost in Leflar” (blog of a conservative friend of mine in Arkansas). Then look at the comment war under the latest post. If this dude responds to my challenge, we gotta tag-team him. :)

  3. Neil, great use of a great word. :)

    Miss Lewd: why on earth are you blogging now? Good luck on the MPRE! We can tag team… I don’t think anyone can withstand the forces of Chester and an elephant. :)

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