Posted by: bridget | 13 March 2007

Google Randomness

Google is fantastic.  Frankly, life before it was lacking a bit.  Nevertheless, the modern search engine leaves something to be desired.  The following searches brought poor, benighted souls to this blog:

  • Girl breastfeeding to animal
  • Egg removal from car
  •  How long do fillings hurt?
  • Does State Farm support abortion?
  • Volvo punitive damages
  • Florida ultramarathons
  • Vegan egg drop -soup
  • Length of pachyderm pregnancy
  • www girls sex elephants com 

This blog contains nothing resembling a twisted version of “The Grapes of Wrath.” This elephant has no idea what State Farm thinks of abortion (but she does have a lot of opinions on the State Farm punitive damages case) and knows almost nothing about pachyderm pregnancies.  A hearty “eeeww!”  to the last one.

Eggs: No idea how one would do a vegan egg drop, except to use something like Christmas ornaments of a similar size.  As for removing egg from a car: soap and water immediately and wash thoroughly so that residue does not remain (either soap, which will dull the paint, or egg, which will strip it).  A certain beloved Volvo 240 was egged about a year ago and looks fine now.

Searches that bring up something remotely useful: Anyone looking for a place (Boston Common, Lombard Street, etc) should look here or here.  Commentary about abortion, HPV (Merck), or Scooter Libby may be found in by clicking on the appropriate tag on the right of the screen.  Issues about pregnancy and drugs may be found here.


  1. Hahaha, the internet is a craaaaaazy place.

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