Posted by: bridget | 13 March 2007

Innovation on the Hill

Tufts University recently added an optional essay to their application, with the idea of trying to discover potential leaders and thinkers.  While many universities have used less traditional applications or supplements to further evaluate their students, Tufts will be the first to track students throughout their four years on the Hill to determine if those who distinguish themselves in the application process end up being exceptional students and leaders.

Tufts usually receives approximately 16,000 applications for 1,200 seats.  Their median SAT score (math + verbal) is 1400.  At a certain point, the bulk of the students who apply are amply qualified to do well academically; not all of them, however, will end up serving the mission of the university or distinguishing themselves with original scholarship – or even a passion for academia.  Kudos to Tufts for taking a proactive, scientific approach to its admissions.

In other collegiate news, tomorrow is the traditional day for MIT to send out their acceptance letters: 3-14, or the shortened version of pi.


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