Posted by: bridget | 21 March 2007

Whoever Gets Irrational First, Wins

Democrats have given up all pretense of harassing law-breaking Republicans. They are now just arresting, charging, subpoening, and harassing Republicans for having the audacity to exist.

The House has ordered subpoenas for Harriet Miers, Alberto Gonzales, and Karl Rove. At least with the Scooter Libby trial, Democrats pretended that a crime was committed. Now, they are not even alleging crimes: they have their panties in a twist because Bush did something that they do not like:

Although the federal prosecutors serve at the pleasure of the president and are routinely replaced when a new president takes office, critics have charged that the firings were politically motivated and carried out in a deceitful manner that involved false claims of poor performance and misleading statements to Congress.

“At the pleasure of the President” means just that. Clinton fired all 93 US Attorneys when he took office; there is no better definition of “politically motivated.” If this is indeed a crime, what is the statute of limitations? If there is no SoL, or if it is greater than 14 years, why is the House not issuing subpoenas against the Clinton administration?  If there is indeed some crime worth investigating, why have Democrats not at least referenced a statute?  There is a Constitutional right to a probable cause determination before investigation and to be informed of the nature of the charges against oneself.

This should not be a surprise, though. As Sweetness & Light points out (with some phenomenal investigation and research), it was Joseph Wilson who outed his wife to high-level Washingtonians; Democrat Richard Armitage then leaked her name. Democrats then tried and convicted Scooter Libby for “crimes” related to the leak.

The witch hunt will continue until Republicans fight back. When they demand a list of crimes, applicable statutes of limitations, and then charge Democrats with more egregious violations of said crimes, the Left will back off. After all, it’s hard to harass law-abiding citizens from behind bars.

Edit: TotalTransformation said it better than I in the comments. Also, please check out the Federalist Society’s audiocast of their 22 February panel on Congressional oversight and Executive privilege.



  1. I knew this silliness would break out once they gained power. Now I wait to see Lieberman change parties and a return to normalcy perhaps.

  2. You want to see Lieberman change parties; I want to see indictments against Plame, Wilson, Armitage, and Clinton.

  3. I wouldn’t hold your breath, this group of Republicans has less testicular fortitude than both my neutered dogs combined (0 + 0 = 0). These guys have backbones like wet spaghetti noodles and yellow streaks that could get you to the moon and back. They are about as useful as a feminist scholar- yet lacking their natural ability to kvetch and complain (proffering to suffer in silence). They keep their mouth shut when they should be shouting at the top of their lungs, and scream with all their might when they should be silent.

    Teddy Roosevelt said to speak softly and carry a big stick. Today’s Republicans (Bush included) speak like a megaphone, but carry a stick the size of a splinter.

    Our only hope is that they collectively grow a pair (or several dozen pairs) and stand up for themselves- and the rest of us.

  4. Amen, preach it!

    If I were Alberto Gonzales, I would be sending that resume out. Our president’s track record of standing by his friends is not so good.

  5. Heck, he will make much more money when he leaves office. Would probably be better for him. Just another Republican sold down the river by his own party.

  6. LOL! John, I’m quoting you on that. That’s just fantastic.

    I’m all about being the honourable party. That doesn’t mean that we should be doormats, though; when you allow an injustice to occur, the innocent will suffer. It’s never just about the immediate people who are hurt; it invariably hurts innocent others. This is a prime example.

    I echo Kelly: Preach it, brother!

  7. Another Republican – another dedicated civil servant – screwed over by his own party who is too afraid of the mainstream media and Democrat whining to stick up for him.

    I know spayed animals with more balls. This isn’t the time to compromise or look honourable; this is the time to bring it. Once Dems are facing indictments, trials, and decades in prison for their (real, live, actual) crimes (not the make-believe kind), the witch hunt will stop.

  8. Of course, it could be worse. My Gonzales would probably rather be sold out by the current administration than the previous one. I think Vince Foster would rather have been simply asked to resign, don’t you?

  9. (Snort) Great point, Kelly.

    My dad met a former FBI guy who worked on that case as one of his first jobs. He said that it was absolutely insane: gun in the wrong hand, no blood (despite heavy blood loss) – obviously NOT a suicide.

  10. Great title! Though we know who usually gets irrational first.

  11. Well, the point was that our side isn’t getting irrational. Hence the reason why we’re losing.

  12. I have a feeling that this one will be ending up in the courts. Gonzales is one of the Texas inner circle, and they go back to the President quite awhile. That’s just the sense I get on this one, and the Administrations tone has been a bit hard on this line of questioning.

    I think that Congressional Dems may have a bit of a problem soon from their own left flank. That would actually be enjoyable to watch, kind of the fly on a needle thing.

  13. I appreciate the props given me in your “edit.” I am flattered and honored.

  14. I know spayed animals with more balls.

    Bridget — that’s just funny. True, but also funny.

  15. It would be nice if this one were to go to the courts. Watching the Dems being slapped down would make my week; they’ve only lasted this long by pretending that they are acting under the authority of the law.

    Tammi – hope your hubby is doing well!

    TT – always happy to help. :)

  16. Hey Bridget,

    Thanks again for the well wishes. Tomorrow is the big day — hopefully the last surgery — for real this time :)

  17. You’re welcome. :) Good luck today! :) I’ll be sending good thoughts out to Colorado.

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