Posted by: bridget | 22 March 2007

More Manufactured Scandals

The Senate has voted to issue subpoenas to high-ranking White House officials in connection with the firing of a few US Attorneys. The Democrats and the media are missing some crucial points:

“Gonzales repeated the administration’s denials that any of the U.S. attorneys were dismissed improperly,”

is just an absurd statement. US Attorneys do not have job protection. They are not Senators, who serve for six years, absent bad behaviour; House members, who serve for two years; Presidents, who serve for four years; or Article III judges, who have lifetime appointments. They serve at-will, much like a barista at Starbuck’s. Is there an improper reason to fire a barista? Sure: retaliation for refusing quid pro quo sexual harassment. There are good reasons, though: chronic lateness, uncleanliness, or making a lousy latte. The tattooed individual who omits the caramel from caramel macchiattos can hardly complain about being improperly dismissed; likewise, US Attorneys can be dismissed simply for disagreeing with the administration or for not doing their jobs properly.

“At the end of the day, we have a situation where the president of the United States has the authority to hire and to fire United States attorneys,” Gonzales said. “I’m going to go up to Congress and provide informal clarification about what happened here. We are working with Congress voluntarily. No United States attorney was fired for improper reasons, and that’s the message I’m going to deliver to the United States Congress.”

Preach it, brother!

The presumption that the dismissals are inappropriate, when Mr. Clinton dismissed 123 US Attorneys without a blink of the media’s eye, is problematic. More than that, the fact that the media is helping Democrats to create a manufactured scandal is outrageous. Freedom of the press does not extend to libel and treason.



  1. Bravo, Pachyderm! An excellent post.
    I was under the impression that Hillary was responsible for the attorney firings during Bill’s reign. . .was it her or him (I think I’m fuzzy on the facts)?
    This daily parade of ginned-up pseudo-scandals is just the Democrats’ way to undo election results they don’t like. 9/11 just pushed back their schedule a couple years.

  2. Thank you! :)

    I’m not sure who fired 123 attorneys during the Clinton years (all 93 initially, then 30 later on).

    It’s either this, a recount, or a lawsuit to undo election results they don’t like. Harrumph!

  3. I have enjoyed your comments on Neil Simpson’s blog and I have decided to become a regular reader here; if my blood pressure can stand it.
    I understand the aim of the politicians, even if I think ir is unethical and bad for the country. But some of the rank and file party members have me puzzled, they have been acting like they are either gullible or stupid (I mean people I know personally). Maybe I just hadn’t noticed, but I had not thought they were like that until the last few years.

  4. Hi Sunday School Teacher,

    Thank you! :) I hope I don’t throw your blood pressure too out of whack.

    There seems to have come a point at which politics is no longer what the Founding Fathers envisioned – no debate, no voters who are ready and willing to throw out malfeasors, and a concern first and formost with power and not public service.

    Thank you again. More later, when I’m not running out to a Republican get-together. ;)

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